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Girls with ADHD can!

Empowering young women & girls with ADHD toLive An Unstoppable Life

There are no limits to what you can achieve. 
ADHD doesn’t have to stop you, you’re unstoppable!

You just need to know how to harness your awesomeness.  Girls with ADHD create amazing, unstoppable lives and ridiculously successful careers, you can too….

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challenges of adhd

Challenges for girls with ADHD

Yeah, it can often feel like it’s not all pixies and unicorns to be a girl with ADHD and “unstoppable” may feel a leap away from your reality..

We get it!  Whether you’re a girl with ADHD that’s diagnosed OR not (it doesn’t matter to us) there’s a whole load of things that you are experiencing every day that may make “unstoppable” feel far from your reality.  Like…

A Relentless Brain That Will Not Shut Up ~ that is until you get overwhelmed then it’ll make no noise at all!

An addiction to doing things last minute to get that dopamine hit (meaning stress central)

Not Interested?  You’re not going to be able to willpower yourself into doing that thing!

Fuzzy friendships ~ out of sight can mean out of mind for you.  Pinky swear you’re not a pants friend

We are Unstoppable Girls!

Supporting Girls with ADHD to
be heard be themselves be confident Achieve Thrive

Through online ADHD support groups, youth group coaching, classes and courses on specific challenges girls with ADHD may face and free local clubs. We are all about community.

It’s important to us that ADHD girls are provided with a safe space to be seen (if they want to be), understood and be able to embrace who they really are. So you can remove the mask (and masking) and proudly stand in your Greatest Showman moment – THIS IS ME! 

Here at Unstoppable Girls we want you to know  YOU have everything you need to create success, you are NOT faulty and ADHD girls truly are Unstoppable

Find the Right Support For You


You don’t even need to leave your house to be an Unstoppable Girl.  Dive in, from anywhere in the world, to our fabulous online support & programmes to unleash the Unstoppable Girl in you….


A time to truly be seen, be heard, be yourself and be Unstoppable.  Our Local Groups offer a safe space for you to explore what your ADHD means to you, to make new friends and to thrive, without the mask or fear of judgement

Join our Community

You’re NEVER alone at Unstoppable Girls.  Our community is brimming with people who get it, people who can help & support you to navigate your ADHD and to set you on the path to being an Unstoppable Girl 

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Yeah, us ADHD girls might experience the world a little differently to others but there’s loads of help, tips, support & advice from those who get it on the ADHD blog..

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