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A place for girls with ADHD to navigate the world & thrive

Why Unstoppable Girls?

Supporting Girls with ADHD to
be heard be themselves be confident Achieve Thrive

We constantly see how girls are unseen when it comes to ADHD.  The stats show that on average girls don’t get a diagnosis until 17 (whereas it’s 9 for their male counterparts!)

Unstoppable Girls came about out of a need for something different for GIRLS with ADHD.

Girls with ADHD are so good at hiding it! FACT.  Masking is a survival technique that girls use because they seek to ensure that they meet the social norms.  They are actresses in their own life. 

Yet, this can be utterly exhausting and can sometimes lead them to feeling very alone.  Their quest to fit in can result in them feeling even more shut out.  

Girls with ADHD shouldn’t have to face this without support & guidance.  Being a teenager is tricky enough without throwing in a neurodivergent brain that is relentless (or unstoppable 😉), an inability to work out who they actually are without the masks and the constant fear of being found out or judged for being different.  

The Unstoppable Girls community is all about providing a safe space, a space to be seen & heard, a space to explore neurodiversity and to no longer feel weird or alone.

We are Unstoppable Girls!

Our name is all about the limitless scope that the girls in our community have..


  • Unstoppable brain – always running
  • Unstoppable future and potential

Our story

Meet The Unstoppable Girls Team

The powerhouse behind Unstoppable Girls is Sarah Gaunt (you can read all about Sarah below). But collectively, having devoted lots of our lives to working with young people, it was becoming increasingly clear that girls with ADHD weren’t getting the help & support that they needed. So we decided not on our watch!

A whole boatload of passion for supporting girls to navigate their ADHD collided with our personal and professional experience, and we started the Unstoppable Girls mission.  

It’s time that girls with ADHD weren’t left to navigate the choppy waters alone.

wHO we ARE &

a picture of sarah gaunt, team leader for Unstoppable Girls CIC

Sarah Gaunt

Sarah has been working with teenagers for 28 years and 18 years of those as a professionally qualified youth worker (now she feels like she sounds REALLY old).

Sarah really LOVES working with teenagers – supporting and helping them into adulthood.

About 5 years ago Sarah started to think that she had ADHD after creating a course for parents whose child was waiting for or just had an ADHD diagnosis.  She had the epiphany that she was describing herself.  She doesn’t have a formal diagnosis. 

Now let’s get to the interesting part.  Sarah is a tea guzzler, it’s a no thank you to coffee.  She’s going to be found dunking a good digestive into that brew.

Sarah LOVES a bag of Prawn Cocktail crisps (although doesn’t like prawns).  Crisps give a good dopamine hit for the ADHD brain with their crunch!

Sarah would eat toast with EVERYTHING.  When she was younger she wanted to open an cafe called TOAST and you could have anything, as long as it was on toast.

Zoe Harris from Unstoppable Girls CIC

Zoe Harris

Zoe is a smarty pants and has two degrees, one in Youth and Community (JNC) and one in Social, Political and Environmental Geography.

She’s also moved about the UK working for a number of voluntary and statutory organisations – including working in Derry, Newcastle and Cornwall.

Zoe dislikes Pumpkin soup, uneven pavements (arthritic knee issue) and boybands

She’s passionate about encouraging young people to use their voices to implement change.  She also loves live music and festivals, chocolate and travelling.

Quirks time ~ she can’t work at a messy desk or allow any out of date posters to be on a wall ( she has been known to remove them from a variety of venues)

Her favourite biscuit is a bourbon, her favourite crisps are Quavers and her favourite TV shows are Big Bang Theory, Starstruck and Only Connect

Zoe’s favourite films include the Guardians of the Galaxy films, 8 Mile and Pretty in Pink

Heather Horne from Unstoppable Girls CIC

Heather Horne

Meet Heather,  she works with young Asylum seekers and loves her job very much – hard work, but very interesting. Heather was a foster carer for 22 years before this, which was very rewarding but also challenging at times and kept her on her toes.

She has two natural daughters and two foster children who are adults now, but are still a big part of the family

Heather has nine grandchildren who also keep her busy when she’s not at work.

Heather loves travelling and music festivals and would like to travel as much as possible before I get too old (not long now, lol).

Heather is FUNNY! Like side splittingly funny. If you are with Heather you are laughing.  She comes out with the most crazy statements (most of which can’t be repeated).  

She loves food and tasting new foods from around the world, but her favourite thing at the moment are Wostit crunchies, which she loves so much that she has them delivered every month from Amazon.

Heather’s hobbies when she gets time are reading, knitting and she has a big pond with koi and gold fish.

Our Partners

We bloomin love our partners. Partners make things possible.

We are here on the ground working with these amazing girls but we need people stood beside us to make all of this a reality.  We are ever so grateful for those who partner with us and invest into the vision that girls with ADHD are truly Unstoppable!

Get involved with unstoppable girls

You can make a difference to girls with ADHD

Are you interested in finding out more about Unstoppable Girls?  You might be a girl with ADHD or you could be a Parent, Youth Worker, School, Local Authority, Funding Provider or someone interested in supporting girls with ADHD.  

You’re all welcome and we’d love to hear from you. Dive onto the form and let’s chat! 

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