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Unstoppable Confidence

The transformative 4-week programme for girls with ADHD

Tailored specifically for teenage girls with ADHD, this powerful 4-week programme is designed to shift you from uncertainty and self-doubt to
self-assurance and clarity.

Uncover your unique strengths, embrace your abilities, and chart a course to the future you desire. Join us and unlock the confident, unstoppable you!

Get started now and step into your confidence today!

Do You Feel Overwhelmed, Frustrated and Misunderstood?

😕 Do you ever feel really overwhelmed because people always compare you to others, and you feel like you’re not as good as them?

😕 Do you find yourself struggling with keeping up with your school or college work?

😕 Do you feel isolated because you are misunderstood by your teachers, parents and friends?

And if you don’t get this fixed……

Do you secretly worry that you’ll never get the chance to truly shine and reach your full potential?

I can help!

Learn how you can Embrace your Unique Self and Thrive with ADHD!

Feel empowered to tackle challenges with newfound resilience.

Experience the joy of connecting with peers who truly understand you.

Enjoy the clarity that comes from recognising and using your strengths.

Revel in the freedom of expressing your true self without fear of judgement.

I Can Help You Flourish

With Unlocking Your Potential

With Unstoppable Confidence, you’re not just learning to manage your ADHD; you’re learning to make it your greatest asset.

Our course has helped many teenage and young adult females turn their struggles into strengths, achieving remarkable transformations.  They’ve gone from shying away in the background to taking centre stage in their own lives, from confusion to crystal-clear understanding of their unique abilities and from self-doubt to self-assurance.

With our guidance, you’ll not only flourish, you’ll soar.

The Path to Self-Assurance

A proven blueprint for success

The good news is that you don’t have to navigate the road to confidence alone. Our Unstoppable Confidence Programme offers a proven, step-by-step approach that guides you through every stage of self-discovery and growth.

In each part of the course, you’ll learn important things and get useful tools. These will help you believe in yourself more and more.

This course isn’t like the others. It’s a special journey that gives you everything to be the confident, capable person you’re meant to be.


Are you ready to get unstoppable confidence?

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What Unstoppable Confidence Covers

Unstoppable Confidence is a 4-week supported journey. It’s time to do this the smart way, not the hard way.

A step-by-step guide that makes transformation look effortless

It’s a guide that goes step by step, using ways of thinking and acting and knowledge from more than 30 years of helping teens and young adults.

Starting the adventure towards self-confidence might feel like a big challenge, especially if you’re not sure where to begin or what to do next. But guess what? That’s where Unstoppable Confidence comes to the rescue! Our program is super carefully planned to make things easy, breaking down every part of building confidence into simple steps you can totally do. And with our awesome experts helping you out, you’ll never feel confused or stressed. Think of it like a treasure map leading you right to where you want to go, step by step!

Once you learn this, you will always know exactly what to do.


PLUS, get ready for an electrifying boost with our unparalleled support and dynamic group coaching sessions!

So that by the end of 4 weeks you will have:

  • Discovered your personal strengths and how to use them.
  • Effective strategies for managing ADHD in daily life.
  • Enhanced social skills for building meaningful relationships.
  • An action plan for chasing your dreams with confidence and zest.

4 Steps of Unstoppable Confidence Creation

Week One

Introduction to ADHD and Confidence

In Week one of Unstoppable Confidence, we’ll uncover the truth about ADHD and how it affects self-esteem. You’ll understand its impact on confidence and realize it’s not a roadblock to success. This kickoff session gives you a strong foundation in both ADHD and confidence, setting you on the path to empowerment and self-assurance.

Week Two

Deep Dive into your Unique ADHD Experience

In Week two, we dive deep into your ADHD experience. Explore how it shows up in your life, spot unique patterns, and behaviors. It’s all about self-reflection and understanding your ADHD, empowering you to use your strengths and face challenges with confidence.

Week Three

The Anatomy of Confidence

In Week three, we delve into confidence, exploring its core elements like self-acceptance and resilience. Learn what it takes to build confidence and begin applying these principles to stand tall with self-assurance.

Week Four

Crafting your Confidence Roadmap

In Week four, it’s time to apply what you’ve learned. Create your personalized plan for future growth by integrating your understanding of ADHD and confidence. Craft a clear roadmap with actionable steps to continue building confidence in all areas of your life.

What’s included?

Weeks of Video Classes

The Online Training Videos

Our videos are a key part of the Unstoppable Confidence program. They’re fun and teach you stuff. You can watch them whenever you want. We make tricky ideas easy to understand so you can use them in your life.

Days of Daily Support

Daily Contact with Me and the Support Team

We’ve got your back! Say goodbye to going it alone and feeling stuck. Me and my team will be on Instagram every single day (except Sundays) to answer your questions and root for you!

LIVE Group Coaching Sessions

The LIVE Group Coaching

The Unstoppable Confidence program has two live group coaching sessions where we all get together to learn and chat. You can meet others like you, share stories, and get personalized tips from Sarah. It’s a fun way to get support and answers to your questions!

Download and Keep Cheatsheets

The Cheatsheets

In the Unstoppable Confidence program, you’ll get special cheatsheets. They’re full of quick tips and tricks that you can download and keep forever. Perfect for a quick confidence boost or a reminder of what you’ve learned, so you always have the tools you need!

 So, are you ready?!

The Unstoppable Confidence helped me to know what to say when I went for my ADHD diagnosis.  I knew how it impacted me and could tell my assessor that.

Belle completed the course with other young people from her school.

Belle, aged 14

Witnessing the transformation in our students doing the Unstoppable Confidence Course was lovely.  They blossomed, shedding self-doubt and embracing their inner strength.

Dionne supported a group of young women from her school to complete the course.

Dionne, learning mentor.

The Unstoppable Confidence Course was absolutely awesome!  It helped me to understand my ADHD and to explain what it is like to my family.

Leanne completed the Unstoppable Confidence Course with a group of students from her school.

Leanne, age 16

Seeing my daughter blossom after completing the course has been truly inspiring.  She now stands taller, speaks her mind and faces challenges with self-assurance.

Jenny is the parent of a young person who completed the course with a group of peers in school.

Jenny, aged 42

Meet Sarah

Hello there! I’m Sarah Gaunt, a dedicated youth worker with 30 years experience of empowering young minds to reach their potential.

My adventure in youth work began thirty years ago, driven by a fiery passion to change the lives of teens and young adults. Over the years, I’ve focused on helping young women conquer the challenges of growing up and finding their way in the world.

I believe in empathy, understanding, and creating a safe space where everyone feels valued and supported. I’ve seen amazing changes with one-on-one mentoring, fun group workshops, youth groups, and community outreach. I’ve helped countless young women discover their inner strength and celebrate their individuality!

I love seeing the changes Unstoppable Confidence can bring.

As a passionate advocate for ADHD awareness, I’m committed to giving people the tools they need to succeed in every aspect of life. My goal is clear: to motivate, uplift, and empower teenage and young adult females with ADHD to shape their own destinies and live life to the fullest!

Are you ready to join us??

sarah guant team leader at unstoppable girls cic