A rally cry for girls with ADHD – take your test to unleash your awesome..

Hello ADHD girls!

by | Jun 16, 2023 | ADHD Strengths & Challenges | 1 comment

Welcome to Unstoppable Girls.  We are here to support, empower and enable girls with ADHD to shine 🌟.  

If you are reading this as a girl with ADHD we want you to know that you’re not weird, you’re not alone and you aren’t faulty.  In a neurotypical world is can feel like you’re wading through treacle trying to navigate life, with a brain that never stops whilst feeling unheard, unseen and often misunderstood. 

This is your rally cry to unmask, reveal the real YOU in a safe space, totally free from judgement and allowing you to embrace a new found confidence. 

Not only are there lots of women who have hugely successful careers and lives with ADHD but they are also able to navigate the challenging times, understand their cognitive differences and manage them to create great skills, strength & ability.  

Whether you are a girl with ADHD as a diagnosis or you are without that official stamp, it matters not.  The diagnosis isn’t important here.  We want to share this safe space with you to explore your ADHD, to understand your challenges and to be able to harness them into creating a life that feels less abrasive.  

We get that you have a busy brain that never stops, it only stops when you actually fall asleep (which isn’t always an easy feat) or you are in overwhelm and then you’re brain doesn’t want to be involved in anything at all.  

We get that you have times where your initial, first reaction to everything is NO and that there’s no seeing beyond that NO!

We get that there are times where life can feel tricky because there’s absolutely no way you can willpower yourself to do something.  If there’s no motivation that comes from being interested and passionate about it then it’s not going to happen.  

We totally get that you where going to do that thing when it was your idea but as soon as it became someone else asking you to do it then there’s no way on earth you’re going to be doing that thing. 

We understand that there are days where you try to do a thing for 5 hours and are still not able to do the thing – you’re not lazy, you’re not faulty – sometimes it’s that you’re under-stimulated and sometimes it’s that you’re overstimulated.  If only you could like in that just stimulated sufficiently equilibrium.   

Oh & let’s not forget to talk about time blindness.  Ever have those times where 30 seconds and 7 hours feel exactly the same?  OR it could be that you haven’t seen a friend for a few days and suddenly that turns to being over a week and more since you contacted them because as soon as they aren’t in your sight line then you don’t remember to keep that connection?  Yeah, that one can often leave you feeling like the most rubbish friend ever! 

You zone out, your brain chatters, you mask you realness in an attempt to fit in, you stim (repetitive actions) to calm yourself (as I write this my feet as rubbing together), you chase the hyper focus and subconsciously you’re always after that next hit of dopamine. 

Here at Unstoppable Girls we GET IT!!! You’re seen, you’re heard, you’re not judged and, ultimately, with a little bit of support, you’re going to be UNSTOPPABLE!  

Let’s get talking!

We’d love to hear what you have to say. All our articles are based on the day to day experiences of our unstoppable young women … so the more voices, the better!

Leave a comment and give back to the community!

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