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Is ADHD A Superpower?

by | Jun 22, 2023 | Wellbeing | 0 comments

Is ADHD a superpower? 

It’s ok if it makes you pull a face when someone says it’s your super-power 

That’s this growing movement that says ADHD is your super-power.  Some people feel incredibly inspired and empowered by that and others feel like it’s anything put a super-power and they would be more than happy if there super-power was something more mainstream like being able to tele-port or being able to fly.  

Sometimes the whole “super-power” thing can diminish and ignore the fact that sometimes having ADHD is tricky, actually, until you learn more about your ADHD, have strategies in place to manage your brain and behaviour and get a grip on your ADHD then it’s more than tricky.  It can be debilitating. 


There’ll be days when; 

  • You attempt to willpower your way to getting stuff done and it just doesn’t seem to happen.  You will get frustrated at yourself, you’ll feel like a big old fail and you’ll just wish you were “normal.” 
  • You will be about to do something but as soon as that same task is requested by someone else you’ll definitely NOT be doing that thing. 
  • You’ll have an  ADHD overwhelm fog where you’re super busy brain seems to have frozen.  
  • You’ll have days where your brain is so busy that you are the definition of “I have 99 tabs open and there’s music coming from somewhere!” 
  • You’ll need to wear headphones to block out the rest of the world because it’s too busy inside your own head that you absolutely DON’T require any external stimulation. 
  • You’ll be over stimulated 
  • You’ll be under stimulated (why isn’t there a perfect allocation of stimulation that’s a constant 🙄). 
  • You’ll feel weird 
  • You’ll feel alone 
  • You’ll feel judged 
  • You’ll feel anxious 
  • You’ll want to yell at the top of your voice “I would if I could.” 
  • You’ll leave things until the very last minute in order to get that hit of dopamine
  • Your gut reaction to anything requested of you or invitations received will be a big NO! 
  • You’ll have time blindness (where 3 minutes and 6 hours can feel exactly the same) 
  • You’ll forget to get in touch with people and feel like a rubbish friend (because as soon as people aren’t in sight you just forget)
  • You’ll chase that hyper focus because you know that when you can channel that you’ll be hyper productive 
  • There’ll be sensory things that drive you bonkers 

So, is it a super-power?  Well, that’s a lot to grapple through and get to grips with.  YES, you have everything you need, YES you can be super successful, YES you can achieve stacks in life but maybe people who aren’t living with your brain, even with the very best of intentions calling it a super-power is a little unfair.  

Maybe it’s down to you to decide whether it’s your super-power?! 


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