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Online ADHD Coaching, Courses & Support

Online ADHD Coaching is designed for you to harness your ADHD and make you Unstoppable.  We know that there are certain challenges girls with ADHD face and everything here at Unstoppable Girls is designed to conquer those challenges.

Unstoppable Girls Online

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Online ADHD Coaching for girls.  So, what even is coaching?  The online ADHD Coaching that is offered by Unstoppable Girls mean that you can dive in and learn more about thriving alongside your ADHD and becoming a truly unstoppable girl.  Doing it this way means that you can tap into all the resources, advice, support and guidance (as well as the Unstoppable Community) wherever you are in the world.

We offer classes and courses that help you to conquer your confidence, quell your anxiety and be able to manage the things that can feel debilitating when you have ADHD. 



Join our FREE WhatsApp Chat Group. Pull up a chair, grab a drink and connect with other ADHD Girls who are smashing it! Online ADHD Coaching means wherever you are you can be part of Unstoppable Girls 😀

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Confidence for ADHD Girls

Unstoppable Confidence

We conquer your shaky self esteem & confidence to crack the code to Unstoppable Confidence for Girls with ADHD. 

We get that you often are masking, not being the true you and fear being judged so it’s all about unleashing YOU with that Unstoppable Confidence.

QUELL Your anxiety for adhd girls

Anxiety is sneaky!  Anxiety tells you lies and anxiety can keep you stuck. 

With a brain that goes a gazillion miles an hour and wants to work out every possible outcome to a scenario and control all the variables (even the uncontrollables) AND still feels out of control then this course opens up a whole new world of Anxiety management.

Your ADHD Animal

Everyone loves a quiz!

Our ADHD Animal Quiz is designed not only to give you your spirit animal, but also to provide you with an insight as to your strengths and challenges (as well as some tips on how to harness them).

Are you a dolphin or a cheetah, a bee or a chameleon – find out by answering some super simple questions, no overthinking allowed, and get your results right away!

What ADHD animal are you?

Take the Quiz and find your ADHD Spirit Animal

Who doesn't love a quiz?  AND a quiz that gives you your ADHD spirit animal - YES PLEASE!  Want to work out whether you're a squirrel or a dolphin, a cheetah or a buzzy bee? Then you're going to HAVE TO take the quiz...