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Will You Just Chill Out?

by | Jun 22, 2023 | School, College & University | 0 comments

Hands up if you have a one hundred mile an hour head? 

Chill!! Slow down! 

One of the main inspirations for the name Unstoppable Girls was all down to the Unstoppable brain that girls with ADHD experience.  

A whizz. 

Too many tabs open. 






It can impact our ability to make any order of our thoughts, to make decisions, to focus, to get stuff done and to sleep.  Whizz, whizz, whizz.  SHOUTING at you all the time.  Next, next, next.  Oh, let me just go and overthink that! 

Any of these sound like your brain? 

It leaves us either over-stimulated or under-stimulated.  I think we should develop a stimulation filter so that we constantly just have the perfect amount of stimulation 😂

When we are told just to slow down or chill out that doesn’t work.  We are not wired that way.  AND whilst at times you might experience and whole load of frustration or overwhelm at the constant-ness of your brain it is part of who you are.  

Your ADHD brain is constantly seeking dopamine, that’s the hormone that makes us feel pleasure, satisfaction and motivation.  It’s a happy & productive hormone.  We need to seek it more than neuro-typical brains, and that’s ok.  When we know this we can work with it rather than it flooring us all of the time.  We can implement strategies that work for us that allow us to manage the quest for dopamine and we can help the people around us understand that quest too. 

Dopamine levels can be kept a little higher by making sure you exercise regular, move, burn off the energy (or the crazy as it’s sometimes referred to), making healthy choices and creating strategies that allow us to feel good regularly – whatever that looks like for you because it’s different for each person. 

So, next time someone asks you just to chill out or relax and you’re frustrated that it’s not that bloomin easy then know you’re not alone and, really, it’s not necessary to conform to someone else’s version of being relaxed – isn’t that us just masking again?  


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